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Research and Development

Continuous research and development work has been done at IETEC since 1992 in order to solve the foot problems of diabetic, athletic and rheumatic patients more efficiently with IETEC products.

Many years of reliable connections to research institutions and hospitals have made a significant contribution to the continuous "improvement" of the IETEC products and demonstrated their effectiveness.


The optimal effect of DIABETEC footbeds is guaranteed through regular audits in accordance with prescribed material parameters with a human gait impact simulator (research project with the University of Cologne, Institute of Sports Science, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Baumann). Durable materials make the footbeds effective in the long term. In addition, multi-center clinical relapse trials of patient treatment foot beds provide the safety of a clinical trial and show a lower relapse rate due to a unique pressure-relieving effect: There is less callus formation and thus a lower risk of ulceration.
For movecontrol supports, a strong pain reduction effect along with therapeutic efficiency regarding classical stress discomfort was clearly demonstrated, especially with regard to Achilles tendon and/or knee problems. In addition, movecontrol results in increased muscle activation, taking into account the different phases of movement and promoting inter-muscular interaction with unique, active, movement control.
Based on a holistic foot care approach for rheumatics developed by Professor Andrzej Seyfried at Warsaw University, studies showed that specifically developed RHEUMATEC soft foam footbeds lead to a reduction of rheumatic pain in all three functional stages of the "pes plano valgus". Individualized foot care appropriate for the condition can positively influence abnormal gait patterns and thus achieve pain reduction not only in the ankles, but also in knees and hips. In the early stages, even the development of "pes plano valgus" can be slowed down.