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movecontrol foot care concept for athletes

Science-based approach with quality management system for active, effective, efficient and sport-specific athletic foot care  


... for

  • treatment of overload or discomfort during exercise phase-oriented foot support of the foot and bottom of the musculo-skeletal system
  • improved coordination and thus motion sequences that prevent injury
  • effective pain reduction and therapeutic efficacy

... with

  • computerized, bio-mechanical motion analysis (Movecontrol Analyzing System) with up to 5 high-tech digital cameras
  • subsequent supply of customized, computer-based, diabetes-adapted, high-resistance, soft foam footbeds based on modern CAD/CAM methods and polyurethane material, manufactured by ​​a sandwich method taking into account the anatomy, bio-mechanics and pathology of the diabetic foot and the patient’s body parameters, such as patient weight and individual foot condition.


movecontrol soft foam footbeds

Unlike traditional arch supports, which merely provide passive correction of the foot, movecontrol stimulates increased muscle activation by taking different phases of movement into account. Movecontrol promotes inter-muscular interaction through unique active motion control.

movecontrol - Individuelle Einlagen für jede Sportart

In two large-scale prospective studies of the Institute of Sports Medicine and Prevention at the University of Potsdam, involving approximately 100 runners and sponsored by the Federal Institute of Sports Science, the pain-reducing effect and therapeutic efficacy of movecontrol, especially concerning Achilles tendon and / or knee problems, were clearly demonstrated.

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