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DIABETEC foot care concept for diabetics

Science-based approach with quality management system for optimal, efficient care of diabetic feet


... for

  • prevention as well as treatment of diabetic foot lesions
  • targeted and permanent relief to the diabetic foot particularly exposed to pressure, impact and shear forces
  • precise control of the therapeutic effect by accurate detection and documentation of the pressure reduction effected by the foot care

... with

  • early use of various measurement and analysis techniques (pedography, 2-D impression of the foot, 3-D digitization of the foot)
  • subsequent supply of customized, computer-based, diabetes-adapted, high-resistance, soft foam footbeds based on modern CAD/CAM methods and polyurethane material, manufactured using ​​a sandwich method taking into account the anatomy, bio-mechanics and pathology of the diabetic foot and the patient’s body parameters, such as weight and individual foot condition.


Diabetes-adapted soft foam footbeds

The DIABETEC soft foam footbed is suitable for diabetes-adapted protective and prefabricated shoes, individual custom-made orthopedic footwear, diabetes-friendly sports shoes, as well as for Bata-adapt work safety shoes. It also allows for the care of patients with open foot wounds in special therapeutic relief shoes and prefabricated orthotics.

DIABETEC Prevention    DIABETEC Therapy    DIABETEC Sports    DIABETEC Occupational safety

In before-and-after comparisons, clinical studies have demonstrated the continued effectiveness of DIABETEC footbeds after permanent wearing: They confirm the pressure-relieving effect, i.e., less callus formation and thus a lower risk of ulceration: only 30% of patients develop an open foot ulcer again.

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