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Bata-adapt foot care
concept for occupational safety

Science-based approach with quality management system for effective, relieving foot care in everyday work


... for

  • prevention and treatment for patients with on-the-job foot stress overload problems
  • customized, targeted pressure relief and pressure redistribution as well as joint relief in
    - diabetes, rheumatism
    - foot, knee, hip and back problems
    - injuries and accidents
    - large, broad feet

... with

  • early use of different measurement and analysis techniques (pedography, 2-D impression of the foot, 3-D digitization of the foot)
  • followed by combined provision of
    - individual Bata safety shoes
    (Level 4 certified according to DIN EN ISO 2034 and BGR 191)
    and / or individual shoe modifications, such as sole and heel elevations to 3 cm,
    sole elevations, ball, metatarsal or toe rolls, butterfly rolls, and
    various sole changes
    and / or orthopedic shoes
    plus individual soft foam foot bedding
    (computer-based, with high deformation resistance based on modern CAD/CAM methods and PUR material)


Bata-adapt soft foam footbed

In combination with the type-tested Bata safety shoes that meet all statutory DIN standards and medical requirements of the Medical Devices Act, the custom-made soft foam footbeds make a significant contribution to the safety of the employee. Perfect fit and high comfort while wearing by a special absorber are matters of course.


Veröffentlichungen zu Möglichkeiten der unterschiedlichen Fußversorgungen im Sicherheitsschuh bekräftigen die Wirksamkeit des Versorgungskonzeptes – auch unter schwierigen Arbeitsbedingungen (siehe Veröffentlichungen).