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I’m an IETEC partner because…

Andreas Dibbert


… IETEC is always one step ahead, opening up new markets and innovatively taking our industry into the future.

Andreas Dibbert, Gesundschuh GmbH, Rostock

Werner Ulbrich


… the whole package of IETEC enthuses us: research, development, product manufacturing, quality, and not least the training at the IETEC Academy. This secures our advantage and success.

Werner Ulbrich, Hans Sachs GmbH, Hoyerswerda

Thomas Jaszczuk


… I have appreciated the customized product range for more than 20 years. Notwithstanding already excellent products, continuous research is being invested into further development. The experience of the partners is incorporated into IETEC products. My advice: IETEC.

Thomas Jaszczuk, Jaszczuk Orthopädisches Fachzentrum, Berlin

Siegfried Kramp


… none of us produce such individual and appropriate arch supports as IETEC has been doing for over 10 years, no matter for what sport. Whether for walking, cycling, ball sports or winter sports, IETEC has developed the right solution for everyone.

Siegfried Kramp, Kramp Fußorthopädie GmbH, Dillingen

Mathias Mitterle

… IETEC is the best network in the field of orthopedic footwear technology. We have the best products, we have the best knowledge and we have a training academy: IETEC is a great network of top specialists. I am not only an IETEC partner, I live IETEC and cannot imagine being without IETEC.

Mathias Mitterle, Mitterle Fußorthopädie GmbH, Bensheim

Rüdiger Möller

… IETEC supports me with a lot of knowledge and products in various areas such as diabetes, rheumatism and sports, as well as with related analyses, evaluations and implementation in everyday practice. Thus I gain more time for my clients. Regular and open exchange with the partner network leads to new knowledge and care options. I am an IETEC fan.

Rüdiger Möller, Möller Fuß & Schuh-Centrum, Kiel

Dirk Molitor


…the innovations from this reliable relationship boost and secure expertise. IETEC was the right decision for our business. Without IETEC, our company would not have the brand presence that we have today.

Dirk Molitor, Molitor Schuh und Sport GmbH, Osnabrück

Thomas Suhr


… I am convinced of the idea and the products of this partnership network. Our company has developed dynamically and successfully through this partnership network.

Thomas Suhr, Suhr Schuhhaus GmbH, Stavenhagen

Udo Herde

... die Bewegungsmöglichkeiten und damit die Lebensqualität unserer Kunden zu verbessern ist unser Ziel. Dies zu erreichen gelingt uns am besten gemeinsam mit einem kompetenten Partner wie IETEC. IETEC überzeugt uns seit Jahren mit hohem Know-How und innovativen Forschungsergebnissen, die umgehend in die Produktentwicklung einfließen. Unsere Kunden schätzen genauso wie wir die daraus resultierende sehr gute Qualität und Passgenauigkeit der Einlagen.

Udo Herde, Orthopädie Forum GmbH, Erlangen