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IETEC is the solution for growth in the orthopedics market

  • without staff problems (both with regard to the increasing shortage of skilled and qualified employees, as well as with regard to short-term staff shortages, for example, by long sick leave or holidays)
  • without supply shortages or long lead times in case of an increased number of new orders
  • without reliance on dumping prices by the health and care insurance providers
  • without the problem of inadequate recovery of production costs

… …with IETEC you are closer to the customer.



 IETEC - The combination of individuality and cost-effective, evidence-based industrial production prepares you for competition

IETEC takes on tasks and projects that the individual orthopedic company cannot perform for economic and organizational reasons. The strength of the network allows future-oriented projects to be implemented and gives the connected network partners a significant competitive advantage for the future.


IETEC Partnership

= Optimal solutions for the patient
= Competitive advantage for the partner company

  • by unique, science-based concepts and products
  • by technology and product advantages, based on an in-house R & D department with collaborative research
  • by structured training as concept specialists at the IETEC Academy
  • by consultation in local marketing measures
  • by supportive advertising
  • by preparation of proprietary medical, hospital and patient seminars and lecture and presentation events
  • by connection with a trained IETEC Ortho speaker as a Partner Coach
  • by additional order placement of additional evidence-based products for foot problems in everyday life such as
  • Elastec for aching feet
  • Osteoarthrotec for preventing the effects of osteoporosis
  • Citytec for solutions in elegant shoes
  • Vario Support for solutions in comfort shoes with system footbeds
  • Kiddytec for children’s feet
  • Proprietec to improve posture
  • Orthopedic custom-made shoe footbeds based on CAD / CAM
  • CAD / CAM strips with footbedding and sample shoes plus orthopedic custom-made footwear