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IETEC Academy

More than 40 seminars and events throughout the year with high-profile speakers

By participating in the IETEC training seminars, which consist of required courses (basic), supplementary courses (additional qualification) and recommendation seminars (cross-conceptual), IETEC partners and their employees receive proper training to apply each concept successfully.

The aim is to preserve the patients’ usual quality of life and individual mobility – painlessly.

The DIABETEC-, movecontrol- or RHEUMATEC- specialist is a competent expert in the field, using the latest technologies to:

  • … provide reliable protection for diabetic feet and thus ensure a high level of protection against serious subsequent injuries resulting from diabetic feet.
  • … provide athletes with sport-specific and efficient problem solutions for symptom relief so that the sport can be practiced without restrictions.
  • … alleviate pain of movement in rheumatics and thus prevent deterioration of the condition.

On successful completion of the seminar, each participant receives a certificate from the Academy with the corresponding IETEC IQZ training credit points.